So…What Now? (A Summertime Conundrum)

Being on vacation is great, especially right after you take your last final. You wake up in the morning, and you realize that, guess what? you don’t have any homework! It’s the BEST feeling. And that nagging sensation that you’ve got schoolwork to catch up on, assignments to prepare? Kiss that sucker goodbye. School is out, and you’re off the hook. There is no greater relief.

Unfortunately, it only took a few days for me to get to the point where sleeping in became kind of tiresome (ironic, yeah?), my most frequented activities (internet surfing, Twitter-loitering) started giving me a headache, and staying at home all day wasn’t as attractive as it might have been on Vacation Day 1. I feel like the March sisters from Little Women, when they decided to spend a week without doing any kind of work that they didn’t like, and only do activities that they WANTED to do. In the classic lessons-learned fashion, they ended up rather grouchy and thoroughly exhausted from “all play and no work.”

It’s when you’ve been on vacation for awhile, then, that you start to ask yourself, “So…what now?”

Fortunately, I have somewhat of an advantage in answering this question, because I am only on vacation from school until June 9th, when my online summer classes start. I also have a class in July, so really, I am only getting about 5-6 weeks of vacation this summer. But again, after a few days, the slowness of it all starts to sink in and I’m left feeling like I NEED to find something more productive to do then sleep in and sit around.

So, here is a list of things that I hope to accomplish this summer, before, after, and in-between classes.

1) WRITE ON THIS BLOG MORE OFTEN. Seriously, though. Anyone who’s been keeping up with this blog MUST have noticed that it’s been a while since my last post, something to the tune of several weeks. Turns out inspiration can be rather elusive. Therefore, I am determining to search for it in the future, earnestly, instead of just waiting for it to come to me.

2) Sign up for Fall classes. I know, I just got out of the Spring semester and I’m already thinking ahead. But really, I think this is the best approach to college. Looking at class schedules for future semesters, getting signed up, buying books, etc. are all things that are best done as early as possible. This gives you an opportunity to plan ahead, and to save seats in your preferred classes.

3) Read. It’s amazing how much time school takes up. At the beginning of the Spring semester, and even towards the middle, I thought that I wasn’t that busy with schoolwork. Later on, though, I realized just how much of my time was spent doing homework, working on essays, studying, all that jazz. And it was a lot of time. Consequently, reading for pleasure (something that I did a lot when I was in high school) went by the wayside. Now that I have some time off, though, I plan to get back to this hobby. Some books that I hope to finish by the end of the summer are: The Way of Kings, by Brandon Sanderson; The World Without Princes, by Soman Chainani; and Star Wars: Honor Among Thieves, by James S. A. Corey (the first two are fantasy, and the latter…well, I don’t really have to explain that one ;).

4) WRITE. I don’t think I’ve really gone into detail on this blog about the fantasy story I want to write someday. I won’t explain the plot of it here, as that’s not the point of this particular post. Instead, let me point you to the key word in the last sentence, which was “someday.” For some reason, I haven’t been able to really sit down and write my story in a way that I really like. It may be partly because I haven’t gotten all the details fleshed out properly yet, but still…details and stories don’t write themselves. That’s why I’ve listed WRITE as one of my goals, because I want to get this story written down, and I know that getting frustrated and discouraged (and consequently, not writing ANYTHING) is not going to get me the results I want. Fortunately, I’ve already taken a step in the right direction toward author-dom, by getting involved in a writers’ support group. Some people that I follow on Twitter (all nice folks, and Star Wars fans to boot), along with myself, got together and formed this group, called Rogue Writers (you know, Rogue Squadron? Anyone?…). The purpose of our getting together over the internet is to support, encourage, and give feedback to each other so that hopefully, we’ll reach our writing goals. It’s a pretty cool setup. There’s nothing like having people who are in the same boat as you (that boat being, not writing, for one reason or another) around with whom you can share your work, and also share in their work, as well.

Last one, because this post is getting rather lengthy.

5) EXERCISE! YAY!!!! *crazy laugh*

Pray for me on that last one.

So, those be my goals. Okay, quite a few of them involve sitting down, and some of them involve being on a computer, but the point is that this list gives me DIRECTION. Instead of wandering around aimlessly on the internet, I’ll have some purposes for getting on there (blogging and writing). Instead of moping around the house and wondering what I could be doing besides irritating the cat, I can do something productive, something that will me feel as though I have actually accomplished something, by the end of the day. And that, right there, is truly the BEST feeling, whether you’re in school or on vacation. Contrarily, to look back at every day of the past week and realize that you succeeded in doing almost NOTHING of significant value, is like getting slapped in the face. A slap in the face stings, but there’s nothing you do to erase it. You just have to do better today.

Have a great summer, everybody! And stay tuned to Edited Lives for more edge-of-your-seat action! This is where the fun begins!





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