Rock Swagger On The Way To Math Class


iPods really are marvelous devices. How delightful to be able to take music with you wherever you go! I have an iPod Nano, the newest model, pictured above with my lovely self. Ain’t she a beaut (the iPod, I mean, but I understand your confusion)? You should see all of its contents, though. You know, music really does tell a lot about a person. I have all kinds of music genres for different moods and feelings, and they all speak to what kind of person I am: rock for despair (not my despair, my fantasy characters’ despair, I’m kind of writing a book or rather trying to, and anyway, point is, my music describes my characters, too), electronic and Celtic for dance and jumping around, soundtrack for feelings of monumental epicness and sweet adventures (FICTIONAL adventures, usually), and (an oft-listened to genre in between college classes) classic rock, for swagger and attitude and just feeling ALIVE!

Here’s a list of what I’ve listened to on my way to math class:

  • Livin’ On A Prayer- Bon Jovi
  • Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’-Journey
  • Highway To Hell- AC/DC
  • Halo Theme (Mjolnir Mix)
  • Tornado- Little Big Town

That fourth one, Halo Theme (the theme to the popular video game Halo, for those of you who don’t know/have never known any teenage boys within the last decade) is more for the aforementioned thoughts of epicness and wild finger motions for the electric guitar riffs, but the others are really interesting in a different way. When I’ve got a beat plugged into my ears, it kind of moves into my butt and my legs and I walk with a longer stride and I’m struggling with self-consciousnessĀ  because I’m afraid I might be swaggering across the campus but it’s all just so good and I have to turn up the volume and wear sunglasses and appear totally cool, even though I’m the only one who can hear the far-out tunes coming out of my amazing Apple earbuds.

It’s great. It’s more than great, it’s EMPOWERING. If there is ever an invasion of zombies on campus, just give me Eye of the Tiger by Survivor (how appropo, I’m telling you) and a lightsaber or a sword that I can lift and I’ll be out there kicking zombie butt with the rest of ’em. Play that creepy crooning song from the credits of The Two Towers, and I’ll probably sprint away with all speed for my former criminology teacher’s class (my former criminology teacher is tall and wears a black trench coat and cowboy hat, so he’s already halfway ready for a rollickin’ zombie-slaying battle).

Point is, music is just awesome. Ain’t nothin’ like it to draw up the feelings from your soul, givin’ them a beat or a melody so that you can express those feelings in some small way, even if nobody else really understands. *cue the mysterious Force theme from Star Wars, cuz it’s just that kind of conversation*

Hey, I had to throw Star Wars in there somewhere, right?



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