I’m Still Here…

I know, I have abandoned you.

It is hard to write and yet be experiencing things at the same time, you know?

Alright, then. We are settled into our room at the kibbutz. There are three cots, a closet, a bathroom, a tiny kitchen, and a mini fridge. It is pretty comfortable. We have a roommate who is from Montreal , Canada. We have met so many people from so many places. South Africa, Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, Italy, Canada, the US, Sweden, Australia– to name a few. Everyone communicates in English. However the Latinos tend to gather together and speak in the many different accents of Spanish. My sister Jabniah and I can do either group. It is quite interesting.

We have had our placement test to figure out what level of Hebrew we have. Once they evaluate that, we will be told what “grade” we are in. They will tell us tomorrow. Classes will begin on Sunday, I think.

Tomorrow they will also tell us what job we get to work in. There are many jobs to choose from: fish farm, diary cow stable, horse stable, avocado orchard, child care, caring for the elderly, dining room, working in the coffee shop or convenience store. Since we were asked to write down our top two preferences, I chose fish farm and avocado orchard. However, we don’t necessarily work were we choose. They give the jobs to people with previous experience and they also take into account the needs of the kibbutz. So, we shall see what I get.

Today, we spent all day at the beach, coming back only for lunch and dinner. It is beautiful at the beach! Fine sand, blue waves, and an easy breeze made the perfect backdrop for reading, strolling, photographing, and napping. I even made a sandcastle! I haven’t ever made one.

Remind me, now, to tell you all about how my meals work out, yeah? Right now, I am heading down to the beach for the fourth time today to a bonfire.


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