Great Expectations

A couple of years ago, I watched a documentary film entitled Israel Inside. It exposed the five or six different aspects that make up the Israeli psyche. I don’t remember specifically what those aspects are, but I know that I finished watching that film and thought “I want to have that kind if mindset.”

This is the impression I got: the Israeli will not take “no” or “can’t” or “impossible” for an answer. Difficulties and set backs are not an obstacle to keep them from doing something; instead, they are catalysts in the development of amazingly innovative solutions. The Israeli doesn’t just lie down and conform to the negative (and even average things) life dishes out. They are constantly seeking ways to improve their circumstances. They take the lemons life gives them and ask for salt and tequila too! Not only does he seek to improve his circumstances only, but also that of others. As a result, the Israeli is a marked philanthropist very much active in his community. As I watched this film, I caught a glimpse of a culture that is pulsing, vibrant, alive!

Maybe my impression is way too romanticized. But, hey, that’s why I’m going: to find out. And if it turns out to be true, I hope a good bit of it rubs off on me.


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