Calling all travelers

OK, guys, packing has begun.

Any tips?

A nine month’s stay and a 50 lb. weight limit are the only stipulations.

You suggestions are appreciated!


2 thoughts on “Calling all travelers

  1. Pack clothes you can layer and remember you will have access to laundry facilities on the kibbutz. However, if the laundry runs like mine did you aren’t guaranteed which clothing you’ll get back when so make sure you’ve got plenty of undergarments 🙂 THe Kibbutz ulpan I was part of provided me my work clothes (tho I ended up working in the laundry so didn’t really need most of what they gave). Consider your surroundings and the places you want to visit. I would pack at least one full length skirt (don’t know what you typically wear) and a couple 3/4 length or long sleeved shirts with a modest neckline to wear if you plan to visit any Jewish Holy Sites to be respectful (esp. at the Wailing Wall or if you choose to ascend the Temple Mount). Definitely pack some cuddleduds or leggings if you tend to be cold natured cuz most buildings are poorly insulated and don’t have central heat and air. If you’re into hairdryers I personally say leave yours and consider buying an Israeli one. That way you don’t have to worry about the plug adapter and making the mistake of turning it on high and then ruining the dryer which leads to you buying an Israeli dryer anyways…mine didn’t quite turn out that way – it got ruined by loaning it to a roommate whom I failed to mention the detail of not using the ‘hi’ setting. But plug adapters are handy for other items so still take one. Comfy walking shoes cuz you’re gonna walk EVERYWHERE. Take a few trinkets/gifts from your home country to give as gifts to either host families the kibbutz arranges (they may or may not do this) and for special people you come to know. One nice outfit for special occasions or if you’re invited to attend a Shabbat somewhere. Don’t think it’ll help you much with what to pack but you can visit my blog just to give you my kibbutz experience. If you want to visit more ask Elaine for my phone number. B’hatzlacha!

    Melinda (an honorary Tveit)

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