You Can Have Your Fountain Of Youth, & Drink It, Too

You know, sometimes I think we’re too scared of growing up.

I mean, we place so much emphasis on BECOMING ADULTS and HURRY UP AND  APPLY FOR COLLEGE OR THEY’LL CLOSE IT DOWN BEFORE YOU GET THERE, and all that paraphernalia. But the truth is, moving into the stage of adulthood is not THAT dramatic. It really isn’t. In fact, I think that, a lot of the time, growing up occurs so suddenly that you don’t always even notice it.

Of course, there are times when growing up happens very obviously. For instance, in August I began my first semester of college. That was a pretty big step, right there. Now, though, it’s December, and school has taken a hiatus until January. Here in the in-between place, I find myself realizing: I am one step closer to getting a bachelor’s degree and possibly having a career in editing and writing. *cue music reminiscent of an impending doom*

I guess what I’m trying to say is: becoming an adult is not always something that happens overnight. It can happen slowly, with every new day, every new experience. It’s a part of life, and it should be embraced, not shunned like last week’s goulash. For the truth is, the only fear that exists in this budding time of my life is that which I bring with me (there’s a little Gandalf-esque-ism for you).

Besides, who said growing up couldn’t be fun? Heck, I have a checking account now! Helloooooo, online shopping and paying my own bills (okay, maybe that last one isn’t so much of a cause for rejoicing)! I get to go places by myself, make my own decisions, watch R-rated movies (haven’t quite tested that last one out yet, but it’s nice to have the option)…. And last summer, I took a trip to Mexico to visit my blogging cohort, Rebekah. That was the biggest (and longest) journey I have ever experienced, without any of my family with me. In short, it’s been a very eventful year for me. And a great deal of it has come about because I graduated from high school and turned eighteen. Turns out that this “adult” gig is indeed rife with perks.

But then, there are some parts of my child-self that I never want to lose, no matter how many checking accounts I have or how many international trips I take. Like: my love of cartoons and comic books, LEGO’s and stuffed cats, Star Wars and more Star Wars, my long-running crush on Obi Wan Kenobi/Ewan McGregor (ah, be still, my beating heart!). Those are all things that I can take with me, though. They help keep me vital, fun, joyful, goofy, crazy, psychotic…(I think I should stop now).

All in all, I’m rambling. If you haven’t already wandered off elsewhere, however, then let me ease your mind by telling you that this post is nearly finished.

Growing up is not an easy path. But it is possible, yes it truly is POSSIBLE to grow up and stay young at the same time. THAT is my goal.

My name is Elaine, and yes, I AM awesome. Thanks for agreeing with me.


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